Dale Dobson: Unpublished/Unpublishable Works

02/27/2005 - Skid Row Adventure: 25th Anniversary Edition
An old-fashioned work of Interactive Fiction, also known as a computer text adventure

11/04/2004 - Placebo!
Nutritional supplement ad parody

09/03/2004 - Broadway Magic
A Tribute to The Great White Way

08/05/2004 - Concert Tour Combos More-or-Less Requiring Purchase of the Souvenir T-Shirt
Fun with band names

07/26/2004 - Play No More
High time for kids to get serious with their toys...

07/23/2004 - Talkin' the Pops
Fun with lyrics

07/22/2004 - The Wine Review
Our reviewer examines a variety of cabernets, champagnes and booze

07/21/2004 - Lessons The Television Has Taught Me
Rules for fictional living

07/11/2004 - Rainbow Brite: Smut Peddler!
Rainbow Brite takes advantage of the Sprites' baser instincts

07/08/2004 - He-Man Breaks Down!
Road trip in Eternia fizzles

06/21/2004 - Misfortune Cookies
The bad tipper wails for seven years

06/14/2004 - Unsuccessful Breakfast Cereals
Bad ideas, worse marketing...

06/11/2004 - VFW Ladies' Auxiliary Meeting Minutes
The Recording Secretary has a few bones to pick with particular people...

06/03/2004 - The Trial of Super Mario
The famous videogame hero is forced to face his sordid past

05/29/2004 - Hans Holzer Goes To Holiday Camp
In which the renowned U.K. Ghost Hunter investigates a reported manifestation

05/20/2004 - Failed Saturday Morning TV Concepts
Bad, bad ideas for entertaining the kiddies

05/18/2004 - From The Desk of Santa Claus
Saint Nicholas reminds his employees of company policy

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